The projects that CHS Alternativo manages deal with two areas of intervention: Prevention (Prepare Yourself for Life) and Prosecution (RETA), as well as a project of a more global nature, that includes the two of the previously stated intervention arenas as well as attention to victims of human trafficking. This project, Mirada Ciudadana against human trafficking, human smuggling and missing persons, approaches these intervention arenas from the perspective of monitoring the compliance of public policies.

CHS Alternativo has a national presence. As part of the project RETA, CHS Alternativo has trained members of the Peruvian national police in twenty-four of the Territorial Police Bureaus (DIRTEPOLS).

The project "Prepare Yourself for Life" is coordinated from the city of Iquitos (Loreto) and the "Citizen Watchgroup", is coordinated from Lima but incluyes actions in six regions of the country: Lambayeque, Cajamarca, Junin, Cusco, Arequipa, and Loreto.

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"Cárcel" Campaign


"Cárcel" Campaign

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