Inter-Institutional Agreements

CHS Alternativo - Ministry of Women and Vulnerable People

The objective of the present inter-institutional agreement is to combine forces in order to implement actions aimed at the promotion and defense of human rights of children, adolescents and women victims of human trafficking in our country.

CHS Alternativo - Ministry of the Interior

The Ministry of the Interior and Capital Human y Social Alternativo agree to efficiently update the Framework Cooperation Agreement for a period of two years, from March 30, 2008 to March of 2010.


CHS Alternativo - Ombudsperson's Office
(Defensoría del Pueblo)

The goal of the framework agreement is to establish a relationship of technical cooperation that deals with the themes of human trafficking, human smuggling and missing persons.


CHS Alternativo - INABIF

The objective of the agreement is to articulate the efforts to develop group actions that contribute to the location of children and adolescents who are missing, abandoned or at risk.


CHS Alternativo - Catholic University of Peru (PUCP)

The objective of the inter-institutional agreement is to establish an association of mutual benefit between both institutions to offer services to third parties, present group projects, and to support the presentation of specialized technical activities.


CHS Alternativo - Andean Commission of Jurists

The inter-institutional agreement’s goal is to contribute to the design and execution of certain actions destined to strengthen the management of national policies, concerning special protection groups, with a special emphasis on children and adolescents.


CHS Alternativo - CENDOC MUJER

The goal is to have a cooperative relationship for the exchange of information about human trafficking, smuggling of migrants, missing persons, child labor, sexual exploitation of children and adolescents.


CHS Alternativo - Coordinadora Nacional de Radio (CNR)

The aim is to develop communication strategies to position the issue of human trafficking and missing persons as a social problem that involves all Peruvians and the nationwide network of radio stations.



"Cárcel" Campaign


"Cárcel" Campaign

  “Cárcel” advertising campaign is an initiative of Movimiento...

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