To prevent children disappearances, some recommendations can be emphasized (Source: Reporte Alternativo, 26/02/2009).

a) Constant communication and dialogue with your children, giving them the confidence to share their relationships, preoccupations and problems.

b) Avoid conflict and aggressions in front of your children.

c) Take them to their school in coordination with teachers, so the minors could only be picked up by relatives or authorized persons.

d) Ensure continuous control over the children activities, Internet use, school work, friends and hobbies.

e) Do not leave alone children in crowded places, they could get lost.

f) Talk with your children about potential Internet threats surf the web with them to know the websites they used to visit and teach them how to navigate responsibly. They must never arrange appointments with persons known through Internet, nor share information that could be used to identify the minor andhis home, school, etc, nor accept gifts in exchange for photos, videos or personal information.

g) Many victims are deceived with false employment offers. Employment agencies are a common modality used by human trafficking networks.

It is important to find out more about the employment agency before accepting any job opportunity, especially when there are many attractive offers. Check its operating time, authorizations, type of offers, etc. Never accept a job in which you have to give your personal documents to someone. Personal documentations always should be under the possession of his or her owner.

What to do if someone goes missing?

1. Immediately report the disappearance to the nearest police station or to the División de Investigación de Personas Desaparecidas (Av. España 323 Lima, phone numbers: (511) 330 7068 o 431. 8140).

2. Do not wait 24 hours to make a report! The sooner a complaint is reported, the more you can prevent any injury, accident or crime that could affect the missing person.

3. Provide to the police officers all the personal information of the missing person, names and last names, birthdate, age, e-mail, friends, frequented places, among others.

4. Give the most recent photo of the missing person when you are reporting the case. It doesn’t matter if it’s a group photo. It’s important that you make more copies of the photo so more people could be able to help in the search.

5. Request a copy of the report to the police station and send it to the División de Investigación de Personas Desaparecidas so they can share the photograph in the website

6. Go to the mass media after you report the missing person, in order to disseminate the information at national level.

7. IMPORTANT: When you find a person you were searching, do not forget to withdraw the case and request the removal of the photo of the website, this will help the Peruvian National Police.

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