The Situation in Peru

The web page Peruvian Missing Persons has reported that in Peru up until 2009, 572 missing persons, of whom 265 (46.32%) are minors (57 between 12 and 14 years old, and 172 between 15 and 17 years)
and 325 women (56.81%).  Records are incomplete, only considering cases from Lima and Piura (Source: Andrea Querol, Ideele Magazine Issue 192).

The Division of Missing Persons estimated that there were 8,6o7 missing persons nationally in 2007.  Knowing that the figure for missing persons that never reappear is as low as 3%, this would mean 258 people whose whereabouts are unknown.

However, in a recent interview for Reporte Alternativo (February 2009), the current director of the Missing Persons Division of the Peruvian National Police, Colonel Langle, mentioned that in Lima alone there have been 10,802 missing persons reports between 2005 and 2009, of which 85% of the cases have been solved.  This means the fate of 1,600 missing persons remains alone in the capital in only 4 years time.

Districts in Lima where the greatest number of missing persons are reported

- San Juan de Lurigancho

- Villa María del Triunfo

- San Martín de Porres

- Comas

- Rimac

Motives for the Disappearing of Minors (Source: José Luis Langle, Director of the Missing Persons Division of the Peruvian National Police)

- Involvements in amorous relationships either at a young age or that are not accepted.

- Maltreatment by family members: loss of affection, trust and communication. Economic difficulties that generate inadequate family relationships, abandonment of children for long time periods.

- Disagreements with parents or tutors, self isolation and aggression.

- Problems in school or poor academic performance upon receiving final report cards or graduation.

- Feelings of isolation, loneliness, especially among children under 10 years of age.

- Relationships with strangers made through the internet, whose intentions are not always trustworthy.

- Possible capture with intention of exploitation.

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