CHS Alternativo develops its projects based on these lines of work:

  • Social audit and political incidence:

    Using civic participation mechanisms and transparency in public administration, we monitor the implementation of public policies in human trafficking by implementing incidence strategies with those who are in charge of the decision making.
  • Assistance and protection for the victims:

    CHS Alternativo offers legal and psychological assistance to victims of human trafficking and their families, as well as monitoring of the advances throughout the judicial processes.
  • The use of communication strategies and public incidence for the elaboration of sustainable solutions.

  • Development of capacities, regulations and management tools for the public sector.

  • Generation and systematization of knowledge. 

    CHS alternativo investigates and keeps register of all new practices that contribute to a better comprehension of the human trafficking phenomenon and solution proposals.
  • Articulation of actors and networks.

    By helping establish strategic alliances and agreements with state and civic society organizations to better the impact in the actions we execute.


"Cárcel" Campaign


"Cárcel" Campaign

  “Cárcel” advertising campaign is an initiative of Movimiento...

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