Internship/Volunteer Program

The NGO CHS Alternativo, in its firm commitment to the defense of human rights in Peru, manages diverse projects that encompasses multiple aspects including the prevention and fight against human trafficking and assistance for its victims as well as the projects that encompass the social problems of missing persons and human smuggling.

The CHS Alternativo Internship/ Volunteer Program offers students or professionals, at both our main office in Lima and victim attention center in Iquitos, Peru, the opportunity to acquire direct practical experience in our advocacy projects. CHS Alternativo works with its volunteers to establish a set work plan under the direct supervision of experienced Peruvian staff.


The volunteer and internship application period is open year-round. Volunteers are expected to stay for a minimum of two months and maximum of one year. The program is principally oriented towards those students or professionals of law, psychology, political science, international relations, communications, and journalism, although all applicants are welcome and will be considered.

Please apply by submitting your CV and Cover letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Volunteers testimony:

ELISE NADEAU, lawyer, Quebec, Canada.

From October 2017 to June 2018, I worked as a volunteer legal advisor at CHS Alternativo, through the canadian program PRODEF. I quickly realized how lucky I was to join a competent and dedicated team, in an inspiring environment and where there are a variety of interesting projects in which to get involved.

Doing volunteer work with CHS Alternativo is choosing to fight against serious human rights violations. It is to advocate that every human being, no matter where he comes from, is intrinsically valuable.

For me, coming from Canada, I had to uproot my life, which involved adaptation and some challenges, but these quickly gave way to the happiness and the desire to put my knowledge, skills and energy to the benefit of a cause that is dear to my heart. I will never regret this experience.

Thank you, CHS Alternativo!


BETHANY EBERLE, student from Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University, New York. , EE.UU.

"I am currently researching human trafficking networks and at my University I met a friend who I told I was working on my research and what it had to do with, and he told me that here in Peru there is an organization that has a database and does a type of analysis that would probably interest me, hence I started to get to know a little more about CHS, and that is how I sent an email to Andrea Querol who told me more about the topic of human trafficking here in Peru and also about the RETA system which caught my attention because in the United States we don’t have a database at the national level.  This interested me a lot and I wanted to know more about how you all do your work here and also how the RETA system works.

In these three weeks the people at CHS Alternativo have helped me so much, they taught me how the demo version of the RETA system functions, they also helped me arrange interviews and schedule meetings with certain people who worked with the system, they showed me certain documents that dealt with the RETA and human trafficking and they explained to me how things work here, like the politics, the culture, etc.  They also had a lot of patience with my Spanish. 

The people that work within the field of human trafficking are very dedicated to their work and they are in a fight that is very difficult, but they do great work collecting information and data in order to be able to help the victims.

There are certain obstacles that they have to overcome and they are doing things that we can learn from. Professionally, this experience has served as a model of how to combat human trafficking for us in the United States, there are many examples and models of how we can use information and what type of analysis we should do there.

I think this experience was great not only for me, but also for other people who are going to read my work and know a bit more about the fight in Peru against human trafficking and how we can improve the fight in the United States, because many times what happens in the United States is that we use models from Europe or Asia, but we are not really looking at those from South America and for me there is so much we can learn from here".

DIEGO LÓPEZ, student of Political Science and Public Administration from the Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla in Mexico.

"Mainly, I developed in the area of monitoring the National Plan of Action against Trafficking in everything that has to do with the budget allocation and the actions of both Ministries and Regional Governments under the Plan.

In my time at CHS I have been aware of how wide is the phenomenon of human trafficking, particularly in Peru: the existing modalities, regions where it is concentrated and the mode of action of those who perform it.

At this time I realized the leadership that CHS Alternative have on the issue of human trafficking. This can be seen in all studies that have been done and are published.

I prefer the teaching that if you build networks between civil society and government common causes, you may face a problem, in this case human trafficking".

AARON H. FOSS, student from the School of International & Public Affairs - Columbia University, New York, EE.UU.

"I wanted to gain more experience in the areas of international development and human rights, and I wanted to learn Spanish before I returned to the US to study for a master's degree. A friend of a friend introduced me to CHS Alternativo and after communicating with them, we agreed that I would come to work with them as a volunteer for a period of approximately ten months.

I arrived in Lima in October 2010 and stayed there for three months until December. During this time, I worked in the main office, learning about the work of CHS and assisting on a variety of projects. I translated materials from Spanish into English for inclusion on their web page. I reviewed records stored on the RETA-PNP data base to verify that CHS had a complete set of back-up documents. I also assisted with preparing a proposal for a grant from the US government to support anti-trafficking efforts in Peru.

In January, I moved to Iquitos, in the Amazon rainforest, to assist with the program Prepare Yourself for Life, which helps children to give up child labor and return school. There, I managed the data base with the beneficiaries' information,  I contributed to tutoring and works hops for the students, and also assisted with works hops to raise awareness of human trafficking among various community groups.

When I left Peru in July 2011, all of these experiences left me with a real, practical understanding of the issues of human trafficking and child labor, both in terms of the situation in Peru as well as how they are connected with larger, global issues. I gained an understanding of the work that CHS does and the potential for a small group of committed individuals to make a meaning full change in the lives of individuals and in a society, even in the face of serious problems like human trafficking and child labor. Finally, I left with many beautiful memories of the food, the music, the land, and above all, the people of Peru, and I look forward to my next opportunity to return to Peru to visit my friends and to continue collaborating with my colleagues at CHS Alternativo".

DIANA PARRA, a student from Southwestern University in Texas, U.S.A.

Diana participated in Nexos Voluntarios program in Peru as a volunteer in CHS Alternativo´s Reference Center in Iquitos. Throughout six weeks in the winter of 2008 (July and August), she provided great support to the project, Prepare Yourself for Life. The following is the blog that she developed during her stay in the region. Furthermore, she published an article about her experiences in the bi-monthly report of Southwestern University´s Office of Civic Engagement, HYDRA. 

CAPUCCINE MAUS DE ROLLEY, msters student, fifth year - Sciences Po Paris. France.

"I worked as an intern for CHS Alternativo for five months. I had several tasks, especially to design an evaluation system of the Peruvian institutions and public policies regarding the fight against human trafficking. This allowed me to get involved in the development of a concrete and useful tool with great independence.

With this internship I got a first experience working in an NGO in the field of critical social issues. My participation in organizing regional discussions gave me the opportunity to discover the provinces of Peru, a magic country where i will definitely come back in the future ".


"I worked as an intern at CHS Alternative from January to March 2009. That experience was very interesting and particularly enriching for me. It has allowed me to understand and comprehend the complexity of the notion of human trafficking. I could do some research to find out about the statistics of the Peruvian and Latin American victims of trafficking in Europe. Also, I worked on the drafting of a demand for the United Nations Fund on Contemporary Forms of Slavery. I loved the work environment at CHS Alternativo and I have made friends for life.

I will never forget my time at CHS Alternativo because it was a human and professional experience that has allowed me to grow. Through this experience I am now in charge of the program to combat trafficking in International Bureau for Children's Rights in Montreal".

DR. RUTH VAN DYK, Senior Lecturer in Social Policy, London South Bank University, Inglaterra.

"I was a teacher in college and worked in Social Policy. I've been two months as a volunteer at CHS Alternativo. I had done some volunteer work before in England at my daughter's school, in London. My experience at CHS Alternativo was about researching and that way i made a professional contribution to the team.

I learned a lot. I think that's the importance of volunteer working: that both parts gain from the work done. I would encourage anyone interested in learning about these issues to come to CHS Alternativo. There are a variety of projects where you can work".

LUCÍA QUEVEDO, BA in Psychology, Peru.

"What motivated me volunteering in CHS Alternativo was my intereste in the issue of human trafficking and the desire to work directly with people affected by this problem.

For 3 months I got to know more about this problem affecting children, adolescents and women in greater proportion. My experience in one of the projects made ​​me extend my perspectives and to have more ideas for my future work as a professional committed to social change and the promotion of a behavior of respect for human rights.

The warmth of the people who are part of the organization and its commitment to the work was very satisfying and rewarding. I am currently part of the organization, three months ago I stopped being a volunteer and now I'm part of the team in one of their projects".


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