CHS Alternativo implements sewing workshop in shelter for victims of human trafficking in Puno

CHS Alternativo implements sewing workshop in shelter for victims of human trafficking in Puno
  • Initiative carried out with the support of the U.S. Government seeks to ensure that sheltered women can access job opportunities as part of their reintegration into society.
  • 95% of victims of human trafficking in Puno are adolescents and women.

At the level of the Macrosur region, Puno is the region with the highest number of victims of human trafficking. Until October 2021, there were 110 cases of victims of this crime, of which 95% were adolescents and women and 27 were between 13 and 17 years old. The majority of victims were captured by a false job offer, however 10% of the cases were trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation, followed by 5% of cases of labour exploitation and 1% of child sexual exploitation.

In this scenario, thanks to the articulation of the State and Civil Society, CHS Alternativo implemented the Sewing and Clothing Workshop and the sports and recreation areas of the Rijchariy Specialized Residential Reception Center in Puno, which houses girls and adolescents victims of human trafficking. This effort was possible thanks to the project “Comprehensive Services for Victims of Human Trafficking in Southern Peru” promoted by the Office of Monitoring and Combating Trafficking in Persons of the United States Government (JTIP).

The workshop was inaugurated with the presence of the U.S. Ambassador to Peru, Lisa Kenna; the executive director of INABIF, Sergio Tejada; the coordinator of the Rijchariy Specialized Residential Reception Center in Puno, María Fernanda Torres; the president of CHS Alternativo, Andrea Querol, and the executive director of CHS Alternativo, Ricardo Valdés.

At the opening ceremony, the director of INABIF highlighted the importance of spaces of this type, since, due to the pandemic, situations of violence increased in the country. He also recognized the efforts of CHS Alternativo against the crime of human trafficking. For her part, the coordinator of the reception center added that the shelter has under its care rescued adolescents, whom they seek to empower so that they can overcome what happened and reintegrate. In that sense, he thanked CHS Alternativo for the help provided.

Lisa Kenna, U.S. Ambassador to Peru, emphasized the importance of the articulated work of civil society and the State, with the support of international cooperation. “We are partners in the fight against human trafficking. This is a wonderful example of the efforts being made here. We are looking for survivors to successfully reintegrate socially,” she said.

Meanwhile, Andrea Querol, president of CHS Alternativo, shared that among the objectives of the institution’s work is the search for more options for adult women who leave the shelters that welcome victims of gender violence and human trafficking, adding that the organization follows their cases in the prosecutor’s offices and in the courts until they are in a safe place and can reintegrate socially.

From CHS Alternativo we reaffirm the commitment to continue working against human trafficking and all forms of human exploitation that affect and impact the lives of girls, adolescents and women.

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