We are CHS Alternativo, an organization with 15 years of experience promoting human rights, particularly of children and adolescents.

Our commitment is to end all forms of human exploitation.

Key information and data on human trafficking, forced labor and sexual exploitation of children and adolescents (CSE)
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We promote and implement nationwide projects focused on human rights, gender equity and interculturally.
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Our Priority Areas

We promote and implement projects throughout Peru and to fight against human exploitation, encouraging the development of people, organizations and society. These are our priority areas:

Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking

The recruitment, transportation, transfer and harbouring of a person against their will in order to exploit them undermines their fundamental rights as a human being. Our commitment is to fight against this crime.
Sexual Explotation

Sexual Explotation

The use of children and adolescents, both boys and girls, in sexual or erotic acts in exchange for money, gifts, food or other supposed benefits is a violation of human rights that affects the victims’ physical, social and emotional development.
Forced Labor

Forced Labor

Any work or service that is required of a person under the threat of any punishment and for which the individual has not agreed to do, violates their right to freedom.
Through implementing our projects

Outstanding Achievements

beneficiaries of our projects
as law enforcement officials and civil servants have been trained to prevent human trafficking and other forms of human exploitation.
have teachers trained to prevent sexual exploitation of children and adolescents (CSE)
human trafficking and exploitation survivors
received assistance and specialized legal protection.
law enforcerment officials
improved their technical skills to prosecute human trafficking, (CSE & online CSE).

Our Projects

Learn about the projects we work in our priority areas, human trafficking, sexual exploitation of children and adolescents and forced labor. In addition, they are based on human rights, gender equality and cross culture dialogue.

Do you need legal and psychosocial help for a case of exploitation?

CHS Alternativo’s Legal and Psychosocial Care Center gives personalized attention for victims of human trafficking, sexual and labor exploitation, as well as family members of missing persons, an illicit trafficking of migrants.
Materials and publications


Materials and publications on human trafficking, sexual exploitation of children and adolescents, forced labour, among others.

Volunteer stories

Financial support and strategic partners

Thanks to the collaboration of the following institutions we are able to carry out our work
We are part of multiple networks worldwide

International networks and organizations

Organization of the United Nations (UN)

CHS Alternativo has consultative status.

Organization of American States

We are registered as Civil Society Organization.


Peruvian Network against the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents, of ECPAT


We are member of the Global Alliance Against Trafficking in Women (GAATW)

Observa la trata

Peruvian Chapter of Observa La Trata (Latin American Observatory on Human Trafficking)

The Code

In Peru, we represent “The Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism”

Movimiento Vuela Libre

CHS Alternativo is part of the Vuela Libre Movement, whose goal is a childhood free from sexual exploitation in tourism and travel.


CHS Alternativo through its participation in networks and due to its strategic partnerships and agreements, with the State and civil society organizations, seeks to built synergies to develop sustainable actions and achieve common goals.
Ministry of Justice and Human Rights

Ministry of Justice and Human Rights

This agreement will allow joint actions to strengthen the inter-institutional coordination to protect the most vulnerable populations, especially to victims or survivors of human trafficking, smuggling of migrants, sexual exploitation of children and adolescents (CSE), child labor and missing persons.
Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations

Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations

This agreement will allow joining efforts to implement actions aimed at the promotion and defense of the human rights of children, adolescents and women who are victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation in our country and of those who are at high-risk.
Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism

Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism

The objective of the agreement is to formulate joint initiatives, establish mechanisms to improve conditions and promote responsible tourism to protect children and adolescents from sexual exploitation.
Public Ministry

Public Ministry

The agreement aims to coordinate efforts to protect the rights of victims of human trafficking, smuggling of migrants and missing persons, as well as the protection of children and adolescents from high-risk situations.

National networks, public coordination spaces and committees